It’s Been Awhile!

Pardon my non-posting, I’ve been awfully busy lately.  I guess that’s no excuse, but it’s an excuse, nonetheless. 

Good news is, my busy-ness has allowed me to do some traveling and goal-setting, which are two of my favorite pastimes.  That being said, I’ve (pardon all the instagram pics):

1. Seen Luke Bryan in concert VIP style (my friend took this picture!)

luke bryan concert


2. Went to Savannah, Georgia and hunted down Forrest Gump’s bench (only to find that it had been moved to a museum, but that’s irrelevant, really)


Look Familiar?

Look Familiar?


3. Visited Atlantic City (twice!)

4. Got dese new kix <33


5. Decided that I am going to be competing in a figure competition this year (more on that to come!)

It felt nice to post again! Let’s hope I stay consistent!

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend & Father’s Day!

❤ Michelle