My Guilty Pleasure

Happy Cinco De Mayo All!

If you read my “About” section of my page, which you probably didn’t, which is okay… I wrote about how I loveee margaritas.  In moderation, of course.  Sometimes.  Anywho, with today being the unofficial Margarita Appreciation Day, it’s only appropriate I share some margaritas I have made in the past, as well as my ultimate guilty pleasure (I’m building anticipation so you have to read til the end).

In the spirit of this Holiday, I will show you how I appreciate margaritas over the course of the year…


“Summertime happiness- Berry Margz”


“Fall and Pumpkins are my Favorite Time of the Year Marg”


“Christmas Time Peppermint Marg That I’ll Never Make Again Marg”


“The Regular Marg”


“The Skinny Marg”


(Note how the picture for the skinny marg is smaller, to correlate to the fact that it isn’t AS bad for you– Tequila, lime juice, sugar free syrup or mix, and ice blended– das itttt)

And remember to drink in moderation or otherwise you look like this:



Hi! If you’ve read this far you’ve been granted the right to learn my guilty pleasure (DRUMROLL PLEASE)

ImageChili’s Coronaritas are seriously the best things known to man.  Not only do you not have to dirty your blender, but these things are so delicious and one of them will do its job rather well.  I don’t suggest to make a coronarita a daily occurrence (which is quite possible once you try one) but I had one this weekend as a cheat/ cinco de mayo celebration drink.  I also know there’s a Chili’s by you, so next time you’re cheating on that diet, get one.  You won’t regret it.  And I promised I am not endorsed my Chili’s in any way at all lol 🙂

I posted this to show that I’m a normal human being who has cheat days and isn’t only interested in working out… This a the STUFF post of working out and stuff! Yay! Anyway, enjoy Cinco de Mayo and a coronarita or two 😉  Have a wonderful day!!


PS Just a gentle reminder that you must be 21 years old to consume alcohol! 🙂