I’m doing a figure competition!

It’s official. I’ve paid the coach and I’m ready to go!

8 weeks from now (I’ve been training) I will officially be competing in my FIRST EVER figure competition!

As a former track and field athlete, I’ve always enjoyed training– always striving to be better, faster, and stronger than myself. More importantly, being better, faster, and stronger than others. I make it sound blunt here, but what I’m trying to say is that I’m incredibly competitive.

I’ve been busting my butt every day since my college graduation– and for what? To look good? Yeah, I guess that’s important, but really it’s had no purpose.  This could explain my INCREDIBLY LARGE HANDFUL of mediocre workouts and not-so-fantastic eating choices over the past two years. 

In lieu of my need to compete, I’ve decided that I would register for my first NPC Figure Competition.

So what does this mean? When you mention a figure competition— people generally don’t know what it is or automatically think of Arnold-Schwarzenegger type-bodybuilding.  That hardcore look isn’t for me (but I give a helllaa lot of credit to those who do it).  Figure is still in that realm of bodybuilding.  Here is a picture of the IFBB Olympia, with winner, Nicole Wilkins (left), with 2nd and 3rd places, respectively, Erin Stern and Candace Keene. 



These ladies, aside from their sparkly suits and awesome tans have worked super hard and been on incredibly strict diets (like myself for the past 4 weeks).  Ultimately, you compete on stage by posing in front of judges, hoping that you look and pose better than everyone else.

Now that was Spark Notes in a nutshell and things get a lot more serious and intricate, but that’s the over-all schpeil.  Any questions?

Here’s what I look like as of Sunday, August 3:

3 August 2014

3 August 2014

Obviously, I have a long ways to go to be competing with the pro’s, but I’m working on it.  I will continue to post more about my journey, including workouts and food. (Let me know if there’s any questions… please!)

Thanks for reading!

Michelle 🙂


The Kettlebell Killer

Hello and Happy Thursday!

One day away from Friday!


I decided because this is a workout blog that I’ll post a workout.  As a trainer, I am coming up with different combinations of strength training and cardio every day. The more variety between exercises, reps, etc., the better.  But you already knew that.

Anyway, change of thought train. I LOVE Kettlebells. I’m actually Kettlebell I certified, not that you care. BUT with the summer quickly approaching, I have my clients doing lots of kettlebell swings.  Why? Because they’re so freakin’ hard! Which is a good thing.  A really good thing. Because when you’re panting, they’re working. And because kettlebell swings incorporate both strength training and cardio, you’re killing two birds with one stone.  DOUBLE WAMMY!

Oh for all of you who weren’t paying attention to anything above– KETTLEBELL SWINGS BURN UP TO 20 CALORIES A MINUTE. FIRE.


ImageA couple tips:

1. If just starting out, pick a 8kg/17lb Kettlebell.  I’m not sure if this helps, but in my gym, they’re yellow. Once you get comfortable with this weight, you can increase.  But better safe than sorry 😉

2. Arms should be straight forward, only going chest high to maintain momentum

3. Use them HIPS! You should be thrusting forward with each swing and SQUEEZING your butt cheeks together with every swing

Got it? OK, Let’s work out!



Can’t read this with all the ridiculous camouflage? I gotchu, boo!

20x KB Swings

20x Dips (on Bench)

20x KB Swings

20x KB Sumo squat +High Pull

20x KB Swings

20x KB straight leg deadlift

20x KB swings

20x single arm KB press (ea.)

20x KB Swings

=100 KB swings

Repeat 3x = 300 KB swings



This is a very QUICK workout that you can do when you’re in a rush!

Too easy? Too hard? Let me know what you think!